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Seeing 20/20 with Glasses.com and Struck

By Sadie Cornelius

Having glasses without lenses is like having a camera without a lense - you've got to have both! Glasses.com wants you to have the best frames by designers with the lenses...included (for no additional charge.

We had a blast filming a couple of spots with a couple of great partners: Struck and Glasses.com. Speaking of good pairs - we worked with the multi-talented Director/DP Munn Powell to bring these fun spots to life.

Fitting that we made a couple spots for such a great product because in production it's important to see clearly (and look good too of course!). See for yourself below how the final spots turned out and check out more behind the scenes pictures on Facebook.



Director/DP: Munn Powell
Agency: Struck
Client: Glasses.com
Producer: Erin Malloy
Editor: Tobin Holden

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Intern Tips for Being On Set

By Weston Morgan, Intern

The subject of being “green on set” is one I can definitely relate to. I’ve had no official schooling or previous work experience on set.  It is a humbling task to be on set for the first time with no experience and very little instruction beyond a time and place to arrive. There are a few survival tips that helped me survive my first onset experiences that I feel are worth sharing.

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Fueld Films Makes The Inc. 5000 List

By Sadie Cornelius

It's not often that we toot our own horn, but this is one of those times that we will. Fueld Films has grown over the years, and the folks at Inc. Magazine are recognizing us for our accomplishment by naming us the 1181st fastest growing private company! (clap clap, confetti). That puts us in the top 25% of fastest growing companies in the U.S. We admit that we did a little happy dance in our chairs when we found out the news last month, and now that we see it in print this week, it's that much more real.

Congratulations Fueld Films Letter

Don't believe us? Here's a link, so you can see for yourself!

And to read the full list of companies, pick up an issue of the magazine, on stands now! Like the letter says, we are proud to be in such good company.

Inc Magazine 5000 cover

We'd like to thank our parents, our beautiful wife...and the academy....

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone who helped us achieve this award. You all deserve a shout out and a little piece of the award as we couldn't possibly have achieved this with out you! From our hardworking crew who pulls off miracles, to our amazing team who bends over backwards and our wonderful clients who believe in us, Fueld Films would like to dedicate this to you.

Now let's wipe away the happy tears and roll up our sleeves, because we have 1180 spots to climb to the top!

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Film Terminology 101: 11 Things Every Film Intern Should Know

By Marisa Luckie, Intern

Students in ClassroomGood morning, class. I hope you've all come back from the weekend refreshed and ready to learn because for today's lesson, we're going to launch straight into film vocabulary. You may think you understand language well enough to enter into this profession, but let me assure you, the language of film is very specialized. So before I send you all out into the field, I thought it'd be useful for you to know some of the basic terms of the business. Everyone settle down and let's begin.

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Film Production Intern Survival Guide

By Marisa Luckie, Intern

Interns at Fueld

As a production newbie trying to play career catch-up, I can claim no expert status when it comes to the world of film. However, in this fast-paced industry that brings new surprises every day, quick learning is required. I'd like to think that over the past few whirlwind months, I've picked up a little bit of the inside scoop on being an intern. Many of them may seem trivial, but trust me, minor details make a difference both in the office and on set. So without further ado, I present to you the Amateur Intern Survival Guide.

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